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DJH Designs Inc.

Design and Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines, System Tooling and Fixtures

DJH Designs specializes in the design and manufacturing of high precision fixtures and equipment. Building on our strengths, designing and providing solutions to customer applications.

DJH Designs quickly became known for our quality, and innovative approach to meeting our customers requirements.


DJH Designs Mission Statements

Quality "In the race for quality there is no finish line"

Quality means winning - to win with your customers means we must constantly work, challenging ourselves to meet his demands. You don't win once in awhile, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time!

Quality is not a sometime thing it's an all the time thing.


DJH Designs products can be found in use all over the world.

DJH Designs products can be found in use all over the world

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DJH Designs Featured Service

Wet Film Gauge Reconditioning

Why are you throwing out Wet Film Gauges?

DJH Designs is happy to announce that we have expanded our services to recondition Wet Film Gauges.

In our state of the art tool room, we have the
Wet Film Gauge Reconditioning
equipment to Cam Grind Wet Film Gauges to tolerances equal or better than the original manufacturer of the Wet Film Gauges.




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