Product Summary

DFM-Ultra On-Line Dry Film Thickness Instrument
DFM-Ultra delivers the best value proposition of any DJH product. It’s versatile and forms a solid foundation for future upgrades with other DJH products, but from day one it will deliver massive savings and ultimate coated product quality.

DFM-Ultra is such a good deal it should be on every coil coating line.

DFM-Ultra delivers control to an average thickness variation of 0.2 micrometers down the length of each coil. The coating is held within a control band of +/- 0.5 micrometers. Whilst DFM-Ultra measures at a fixed location across the strip we show you how to balance your coater to deliver paint savings of around 4%.
DFM-Ultra is a perfect partner with WFM1. It tunes WFM1 for unusual production conditions including heavy gauge product where paint transfer efficiency is prone to variability.
DFM-Ultra can be upgraded in the future to full DFM1 capability, so it’s the perfect way to get going with DJH products.
DFM-Ultra can be paired withWFM1 on the primer coater delivering on line primer and topcoat thickness along every coil.
DFM-Ultra is fully automated and is extremely easy to use requiring almost no operator input. It’s calibration free delivering perfect compliance to your products quality specification across 98% of pigmented paint types.
• DFM-Ultra and DFM1 deliver the highest precision of any on line film thickness instruments in the world
• Fully automated measurements throughout every coil with no operator input
• Fully calibrated for all paint types and substrates – excludes clear and rubber coats
• DFM-Ultra provides a complete production record – tonnes painted, speed, stoppages
• Uses a unique patented direct measurement principle for ultimate accuracy
• Eliminate all film build related defects including off colour product.
• Suitable for line speeds up to 200 mpm
• Can be easily integrated with WFM products for separate primer thickness
• Can be integrated with coater control devices for closed loop control
• Records all actions and results in a perpetual database in CSV format