Product Summary


DFM1 will save you buckets of money and deliver perfect coated product quality throughout every order. It’s the only on-line film thickness instrument proven to deliver a consistent edge to edge average thickness variation as small as 0.1 micrometers. That alone delivers up to 5% savings in paint. Paint specifications can be confidently controlled within a non-averaged +/- 0.5 micrometers.
DFM1 is a fully automated instrument that is simple to use requiring no operator input. It’s calibration free and will deliver perfect compliance to your products quality specifications across 98% of pigmented paint types.

DFM1 delivers the highest precision of any on line film thickness instrument without the need for calibration to paint type.

• Measures both edges and the middle of the strip throughout production
• Our clients with DFM1 are balancing their edge to edge thickness to 0.1 micrometers
• Fully calibrated for all paint types and substrates – excludes clear and rubber coats
• DFM1 provides a complete production record – tonnes painted, speed, and line stops
• Scans across the strip from the start and during every coil
• Uses a unique patented direct measurement principle for ultimate accuracy

• Suitable for line speeds up to 200 mpm
• Suitable for strip widths up to 1.8 meters
• Upper thickness tested to 100 micrometers
• Lower thickness tested to 3 micrometers
• Patented laser detection of the substrate surface
• Measurements are programmable to pre-set intervals
• Can be integrated with WFM products for separate primer thickness
• Can be integrated with coater head control for full closed loop control