Intercoat Adhesion Tester

Product Summary

Now you can say goodbye to the pencil test!
And say hello to the the new Scrape & Intercoat adhesion tester from DJH Designs.

The need to standardize the typical coin test for intercoat adhesion was the driving factor to search for equipment and a test method capable of quantifying intercoat adhesion.

The typical on line adhesion tests to date have not tested for shear bond strength between two layers. When a weak bond exists there is potential for failure in a customer’s process. Scrape tests have been limited to coin tests as mentioned above or lab equipment that was not durable enough for on line conditions.

Shear bond strength is applicable to substrate/paint as well. Normal flexibility and adhesion checks may be acceptable but when the product is exposed to a shear stress, there may be removal of paint directly to substrate.

The scrape tester can be utilized as an on line production tester or as a paint/substrate/process system development test in order to establish quality.