Wet Film Gauge Reconditioning

wet film gauge reconditioning

Why are you throwing out Wet Film Gauges?

DJH Designs is happy to announce that we have expanded our services to recondition Wet Film Gauges.

In our state of the art tool room, we have the equipment to Cam Grind Wet Film Gauges to tolerances equal or better than the original manufacturer of the Wet Film Gauges. We have been providing this service to a limited number of our customers since 1991 and have recently expanded our tool room operation and can now offer this service to all of our valued customers.

Don’t throw away your money – let us Recondition your Wet Film Gauges.

We look forward to working with you in this cost savings service!

Borer Bit Reconditioning

borer bits

All DJH Designs borer bits can be reground.

This provides an economical alternative to replacement. The bits are inspected and re-ground to the same exacting standards as new bits.

A certificate of inspection and guarantee is supplied with the returned bits.


DJH Designs Inc. offers calibration and recertification services on a wide range of our products. All DJH Measurement equipment requires annual Calibration and Recertification to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently and accurately.

DFT Systems Upgrades/Repairs

ancillary light

We offer a wide range of services, from simple repairs to complete system upgrades ensuring compatibility with the latest standards and technology.