DJH Designs was founded in September of 1989. In April 1991 DJH Designs was introduced to the coil coating industry when a customer approached us to see if we could provide a better solution then the current methods used for measuring film builds.

In July 1991 the first prototype was put into this customers facility for trails. The equipment was quickly implemented as the standard testing method on their production line and in their laboratory. After many product refinements and months of research and development, the Film Thickness System (now known as “Crater”) was introduced in October of 1992 to the coil coating industry at the fall N.C.C.A. trade show. The response was tremendous and DJH Designs quickly became an industry leader in Dry Film Measurement.

In 1994 DJH Designs was approached by a representative of the ASTM to provide details and information about the system and its performance.

In January 1996 the final reading took place and this instrument is now the ASTM Standard for Dry film measurement with the Designation ASTM D5796-95. DJH Designs now produces a complete line of film build testing and roll grinding equipment.