Introduction to DJH VPro Version 10 Software.

What is the single most troublesome issue in the measurement of Dry Film Thickness?

Variability between operators?

Difficulty in determining the split in coating layers and where to measure (variable results)?

Problem Solved:
Introducing DJH Designs VPro DFT Measurement Software.

DJH VPro10 is the next generation of the Film Thickness Measurement Software that is set to revolutionize how you measure Dry Film Thickness. DJH VPro10 Software eliminates the requirement that the operator has to interpret the layers. Using advanced algorithms and image processing functions VPro does what is simply not possible for an operator to do. At the click of a button VPro initializes the image processing functions to swiftly analyze the image and place 360 data points per layer for the ultimate in accuracy, with consistent results being delivered in about 5 to 6 seconds.

Improved user interface, simplified user manual measurement tools and an automatic calibration check are only a few of the improvements of VPRO10.

For more information or book an online demonstration of the new Vpro system please contact DJH Designs