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From measuring coating thicknesses to repairing a strip tear on your line, we invite you to browse our range of products below.

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  • DFM1 - DJH Product


    DFM1 will save you buckets of money and deliver perfect coated product quality throughout every order. It’s the only on-line film thickness instrument proven to deliver a consistent edge to edge average thickness variation as small as 0.1 micrometers.

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    DFM-Ultra - DJH Product


    DFM-Ultra On-Line Dry Film Thickness Instrument DFM-Ultra delivers the best value proposition of any DJH product. It’s versatile and forms a solid foundation for future upgrades with other DJH products, but from day one it will deliver massive savings and ultimate coated product quality. DFM-Ultra is such a good deal it should be on every […]

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    Phaeton - DJH Product


    Phaeton is the fastest, most accurate lab film thickness instrument anywhere. It’s extremely easy to use requiring no operator skill and it’s extremely reliable. Phaeton is used to measure the topcoat and reverse side coat on any given sample.

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    DJH VPro (Version 9) Software - DJH Product

    DJH VPro (Version 9) Software

    What is the single most troublesome issue in the measurement of Dry Film Thickness? Variability between operators?
 Difficulty in determining the split in coating layers and where to measure (variable results)? Problem Solved: Introducing DJH Designs VPro DFT Measurement Software. DJH VPro is the next generation of the Film Thickness Measurement Software that is set […]

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    Film Thickness System - DJH Product

    Film Thickness System

    The DJH Designs Crater Film Build Measurement System sets a new standard for dry film thickness measurement by incorporating functionality and accuracy in an affordable user friendly system.

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