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DJH Designs Inc. has established the motto “Quality by Design” for over the past 30 years. We firmly believe that Quality equals success – and to succeed with our customers means constantly working together and challenging ourselves to meet your demands!


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We offer a wide range of services, from simple repairs to complete system upgrades ensuring compatibility with the latest standards and technology.

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Roll Grinder Spindle Rebuilding

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We firmly believe that quality means success.

In order to succeed with our customers means constantly working together, and challenging ourselves to meet your expectations and demands!


Do you have a question that isn’t listed here?

Can I still do a manual measurement with the DJH VPro automatic measuring software?

Yes. A manual tool allows you to measure the same way you would with our older versions.

My software license is about to expire. What should I do?

Simply contact our sales team by phone or email, and we will be able to assist you in renewing your license. sales@djh.com / +1(905)825-2750.

Can Galvanizing coats be measured using the DJH Film Thickness System?

Yes they can! By using our latest software, microscope and a secondary light source, you can accurately and repeatedly measure a galvanized coating by casting the light on a sharp angle toward the crater.

I just got my new Film Thickness System. When I try to export and measure a sample to Excel, I get an error message. How do I fix this?

Unfortunately, we can no longer provide our systems with Microsoft Office pre-installed due to Microsoft’s new regional licensing policy. You can install a locally obtained copy of Microsoft Office, and this will allow you to export the measured samples to an excel template.

I am doing a measurement and getting an egg-shaped crater; what could be happening?

It could be that your borer machine needs to be recalibrated. Before sending it to DJH for the annual service and calibration, perform a quality check by drilling a crater on your Certified Standard. If the crater is not perfectly round, it indicates a misalignment in the borer machine, and you should contact our sales team.

I bored a crater and measured its film thickness, and the software threw a failed measurement. What could be happening?

The main reason could be the wrong contrast marker used on the sample. It is strongly recommended to use the silver marker for bright and dark colours and the black marker for light colours. Also, check for streaks and voids in the area covered with the contrast marker, as they tend to confuse the software.